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LCIA Method Data set: Abiotic depletion potential - fossil resources (ADPF) (en) en de
Key Data Set Information
Name Abiotic depletion potential - fossil resources (ADPF)
Belongs to: Name of LCIA methodology/ies
  • Environmental Footprint
Impact category/ies
  • Abiotic resource depletion
Impact indicator Abiotic resource depletion fossil fuels (ADP-fossil)
General comment ADP for energy carriers, based on van Oers et al. 2002 as implemented in CML, v. 4.8 (2016)
Quantitative reference
Reference quantity
Time representativeness
Reference year 2017
Duration of modelled impact time independent
Geographical representativeness
Intervention location GLO
Impact location GLO
Geographical representativeness description Applicable to world
Impact model
LCIA characterisation model(s) name(s) Abiotic resource depletion (ADP fossil)
LCIA characterisation model description and included sub-models Depletion model based on use-to-availability ratio. Full substitution among fossil energy carriers is assumed.
Considered environmental or other mechanisms along the impact chain Depletion of fossil energy sources
LCIA method, normalisation, weighting
Type of data set Mid-point indicator
LCIA method principle(s)
  • other
Deviation from LCIA method principle(s) AoP-Damage model
Normalisation included? No
Weighting included? No
Number of basic inventory items covered 6
Commissioner and goal
Commissioner of data set
Project Abiotic resource depletion in LCA
Intended applications Baseline method to assess depletion of abiotic resources recommended in the Dutch LCA Handbook
Data generator
Data set generator / modeller
Data entry by
Time stamp (last saved) 2016-12-20T15:25:20.840+01:00
Data set format(s)
Reference to origin of data set
Data entry by
Official recommendation
Recommendation level of LCIA method data set Level III
Publication and ownership
UUID b2ad6110-c78d-11e6-9d9d-cec0c932ce01
Date of last revision 2016-12-20T00:00:00
Data set version 01.00.011
Workflow and publication status Data set finalised; entirely published
Owner of data set
Copyright Yes
Access and use restrictions The data set can be used free of charge by anybody to perform LCA studies, to distribute it to third parties, to convert it to other formats, to develop own data sets etc. as long as the ILCD format is mantained. Please note e.g. that reference must be given to the 'Owner of data set' (who may have additional copyright and license requirements on the particular data set that are to be met). Please note also that any modifications/omissions of the data set results in invalidity of any existing 'Official recommendation of data set by governmental body'
Flow Classification Location Exchange direction Mean value Minimum value Maximum value Uncertainty distribution type Relative StdDev in % Data derivation type / status Deviating recommendation Reference to data source(s)
not available Input 1.0 % Unknown derivation
not available Input 1.0 % Unknown derivation
not available Input 1.0 % Unknown derivation
not available Input 1.0 % Unknown derivation
not available Input 1.0 % Unknown derivation
not available Input 1.0 % Unknown derivation